About Us

50daysbyalbertadria.com was meant to help people better understand SEO and the best strategies. We are determined to provide fresh and new relevant content that can help better understand what SEO really is. Imagine Search engine optimization and digital marketing today more like digital real estate. If a person purchases a big billboard, he/she of course would want it where the most amount of people drive by and may be interested. SEO and online marketing is similar to this approach in that we take websites that are located in bad neighborhoods with no traffic, to neighborhoods with tons of traffic and people that want to purchase that product or service.

While there are many search engines out there today, and even websites like Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, and even LinkedIn have their own search engines, Google is by far the biggest one. That is why when we talk about SEO tactics, tips, and tricks for the 2017 year, we are focused on how Google’s search algorithm works and how to use it to our advantage. This will allow local business agencies and affiliate seo marketers alike to take advantage of an unparalleled medium that allows everyone around the globe to be connected at the touch of a button.

While computers and laptops used to be the main tool to search on Google, with the advancement of Smart Phones and handheld devices, more than half of all searches now come from mobile devices. This means that your website has to be mobile responsive and has to be designed with the smart phone user in mind. Any business that has a website that has not followed this trend is not only damaging the user experience but is noticeably pushing their website lower in the SERPS. Stick around the website at 50daysbyalbertadria.com and find out the very best SEO tips, tricks, and tactics to explode your online organic traffic.