Can Social Triggers affect your Online Marketing?

The other day, I read an interesting article about how social triggers may potentially affect your SERPs. Every year, Google’s search platform becomes more and more intricate and detailed in differentiating more relevant and quality websites vs irrelevant and bad websites. First, google had no ability to counteract spammy links where people would stuff 300-500 word articles with tons of keywords and links to rank. They combated this by distinguishing the content in these articles and coming up with over-optimized keywords that didn’t make sense. Then, as people realized that they could buy and sell links to one another, google came up with its own kind of “heat-map” crawling of websites that helped to distinguish links from websites that pointed to irregular patterns. For example, if a quality website with high PR (not as relevant in 2017) or Domain authority suddenly began linking out to multiple websites with low Domain authority, then this would cause a red flag in Google’s eyes as it is irregular and a website with such a warm signature suddenly had a cold signature. In this case, google with slap the penalty on the website and heavily lower its authority which took time to build up again.

However, then user trends changed and people began linking articles on their social media profiles. People would read an article and post on their facebook page about an article they read and link to it, or they would see a funny video from a website and retweet the video. If it was catchy, people began to share it with other people and the website and article/video began to get alot of attention. Google quickly realized websites/content with alot of social backing meant that the website was both relevant and quality to its target keyword and came up with a new algorithm that crawls and tracks these kinds of social backlinks. One example of an excellent SEO firm that utilizes this social outreach is Jack Kim’s Twitter page that recently involves SEO in Canon City.

While it is important to have the most relevant pages, for example with Jack’s website, you can see that he uses his Yelp page and description shows Canon City SEO. There are other types of relevant social such as Google Plus, YellowPages, Manta, and an up and coming social page such as Alignable. There are traditional ones like LinkedIn as well.

Some SEO companies have determined the importance of social that they have dedicated entire inner pages focused on social media SEO such as Moz’s: but there are many others as well. Clearly social metrics are an important metric for Google’s algorithm, and it is absolutely crucial that all SEO companies deploy some kind of strategy that incorporates social media seo into their campaign.

Further study can look into the SEO algorithms of these social platforms. Yelp has its own way of showing you the top business when you search for “delivery 81212” or “italian restaurant near me.” (mainly based on reviews and amount of responses it seems like) but even giant websites like Amazon have come up with their own algorithm to determine the most relevant products to show users and LinkedIn to show the most relevant profile page when people key-in certain posts.

Check out the video below for more information on social media and how it effects your search engine optimization efforts!